About TaskScript

This web site is dedicated to the commercial exploitation of the TaskScript design methodology and technology for Reactive Systems.

This web site, as well as the worldwide exclusive rights for the commercial exploitation of the TaskScript methodology and technology are owned by Media on Line DI Dr.ssa Daniela Abrate, and italian micro-company active since over a decade in the development of web sites and of integrated hardware and software systems.

With the acquisition of the TaskScript technology directly from its author, the company has made a jump start into the market of the Internet of Things and in general of the Embedded Systems.

In the following are reported the complete company data.


Name Media on Line, DI Abrate Daniela
Address Via Brione, 37
City 10040 Caselette (Torino)
Country Italy
P. IVA 07221090017


Fax +39-015-38099917
contact ceo<AT>taskscript<DOT>com
(e-mail address protected from spambots:
substitute <AT> with @ and <DOT> with .)


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