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TaskScript is a Model Based Methodology and Technology for the rapid and effective development of a wide range of products built as Embedded Systems such as Automation Controllers, Smart Sensors/Actuators, Machine to Machine Interfaces, Internet of Things devices, and more.

The key advantage of TaskScript over traditional development techniques is that no programming is required: the development of applications is carried out working at graphical level only, through a powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

TheTaskScript Studio IDE supports the whole lifecycle for Embedded Systems, that is:

Design, full Model based,

Debugging, through model simulation,

Machine Code Generation,


Physical level Testing,

Diagnostics and Maintenance.

TaskScript Studio

Unlike many other model based techniques, no refinement at code level is needed throughout the whole product lifecycle; this means lower turn-around times and costs for the end products.

The distinctive feature of TaskScript over other technologies is that its graphical modeling language is friendly, powerful and versatile: it has been carefully designed in order to allow the generation of highly efficient executable code for the microcontrollers running on production level (e.g. low cost, small footprint, low energy consumption) boards.

The TaskScript technology allows Model Based development for the whole range of Embedded Systems: from very low cost Operating System-less boards equipped with as low as 8 bit microcontrollers to thigh performance systems running powerful processors, to PC-based controllers.

On the Hardware side, the TaskScript run-time firmware has been developed natively for widespread microcontroller families (i.e. the PIC16®, PIC18® and PIC24® families); support for other microcontrollers is ongoing, according to customer provided priorities.

The TaskScript technology is sold as:

1- TaskScript run-time, running on prototypes or production boards, available in two forms:

  • TaskScript chips (actually regular microcontroller chips with pre-flashed TaskScript run time) for 8-16 bit controllers running on low cost, miniaturized, low energy, OS-less boards;
  • TaskScript run-times licenses for high power, OS-based systems (i.e. MS-Windows, Linux, ...).

2- TaskScript design suite, that is the TaskScript Studio IDE (various editions available) running on PCs.

Reference designs and evaluation boards are available for the supported microcontrollers; variants to such designs and boards can be implemented upon request.

Evaluation boards equipped with the TaskScript chip are available off the shelf. Production level batches of boards equipped with the TaskScript chip can also be provided.


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