TaskScript ScreenShots

TaskScript Studio is powerful graphical model based development environment IDE running on PC under the MS-Windows® Operating System (supported versions range from Windows '98 to Vista versions); in this section a number of screenshots taken from the TaskScript Studio running on Windows XP are shown.

(Click on every image to enlarge it)

Model Editing-Context Diagram (with Task property window open)

Model Editing-Data Flow Diagram (with ALU property window open)

Model Editing-Control Flow Diagram (with textual model window open)

Model Simulation (with structural and temporal visualizations open)

Temporal Visualization (showing Step states, boolean and arithmetic variables)

Temporal Visualization (zoomed version)

Further detail about the TaskScript design methodology can be requested via e-mail to cto<AT>taskscript<DOT>com (this e-mail address is protected from spambots: just substitute <AT> with @ and <DOT> with .); click here to quickly to send a request.